The Smartest
Strategies get Derailed.

In today’s hyper-connected world, utilities are under increased pressure and scrutiny. Shareholders, ratepayers, politicians and environmental activists often create turbulence for services where reliability is critical for commerce. Competition for infrastructure investment, renewable energy and a focus on being “green” permeating everything we do creates clutter for even the clearest messages to break through. For utility companies and others in the energy industry, there’s no such thing as “business as usual.” A new energy future has dawned.

Whether you’re an upstream producer, an energy services supplier, a solar or wind operator or provide transportation and distribution, your business is at risk. Even with the smartest business strategies, things like activists, cyber breaches, major incidents or changes or delays in regulatory approvals can derail your activities. Plan on “flying below the radar”? Think again. Deciding to “weather the storm” is a recipe for watching your customers, investors and reputations disappear.

Influence Opinion and Spur Action.

To successfully navigate any precarious situation, every industry business must build a true connection to their community, delivering messages that illustrate transparency, responsibility and a commitment to safety. From winning ballot initiatives to securing government approvals and engaging emerging markets, LEVICK understands what it takes to influence opinion and inspire action.

LEVICK’s experts guide clients in shareholder and consumer engagement, focusing on conversations that emphasize value. We help clients develop the actionable business intelligence necessary to minimize risk in compliance, transactional or operational situations. We negate the power of an increasingly critical online narrative by creating collaborations and building a digital presence that leads the dialogue.

Whether you need business intelligence or want to mobilize a response to a crisis, LEVICK stands ready to help. Contact us today.


  • Business intelligence
  • Federal and state lobbying
  • Grassroots engagement
  • Incident and crisis response
  • Issue campaign management
  • Litigation communications support
  • Media relations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholder and investor relations


Enforcement Actions.

Today’s multinational corporations are facing both cutthroat competition and unprecedented anti-corruption enforcement challenges. Enforcement is at an all-time high, with civil and criminal actions increasing exponentially. Monetary penalties are now regularly in the millions and have surpassed well over a billion dollars. Corporate executives are being targeted and serving time in jail. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is just one area of exposure, with more than 40 other countries enforcing similar laws. Multilateral Development Banks have begun enforcement as well. Corruption is increasingly defined as what used to pass for normal business activity and liability now includes the supply chain and what senior executives “should have known.”

Unparalleled Resources
and Expertise.

FCPA and related allegations require a very specialized media expertise, one sensitive to how the regulators interpret public communications and yet at the same time, understanding of how to effectively communicate with key foreign audiences. There are few if any communications firms in the world so deeply embedded in the international anti-corruption community and understanding of how to navigate these challenging issues. From the international anti-corruption training enterprise embedded in our Washington, DC office to our strategic relationships with the World Economic Forum and Big Four accounting firms anti-corruption initiatives, LEVICK knows who to speak with and how to navigate anti-corruption challenges.


  • Anti-corruption compliance reviews
  • Crisis management
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) cases
  • Reputation damage control
  • UK Bribery Act cases and Serious Fraud Office
  • Multilateral Development Bank issues


A Chaotic Horizon.

The business community can no longer expect coherence from policy-makers and regulators when it comes to antitrust enforcement. Political allegiances are so jumbled, the impacts of populism so frenetic, that companies must now be prepared to position and reposition themselves based upon sudden and increasingly unpredictable government actions and pronouncements. They must be prepared to articulate their positions persuasively enough to rally support in the marketplace and thereby maximize opportunities to influence increasingly capricious regulators.

Navigating an Unpredictable Climate.

Operating at every tier of the antitrust arena, LEVICK has fought and won bet-the-company battles, mounting trenchant counter-offensives against government overreaching. In an environment where corporate growth can ignite immediate public distrust, we help you seize control of the narrative and deflate the mounting outcry.

Our intelligence and early warning capabilities advise of challenges long before they become social movements. LEVICK rallies powerful allies who can articulate why your position is in the best interests of consumers and key stakeholders. We disseminate compelling messages directly to regulators, consumers and investors. We work with your lobbyists and legal counsel to support your case in court and congress.


  • Bureau of Consumer Protection complaints
  • Civil antitrust lawsuits
  • Consumer protection issues
  • Criminal antitrust lawsuits
  • Department of Justice investigations
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations
  • Courtroom support
  • Mergers and acquisitions oversight
  • Monopoly lawsuits
  • Price discrimination cases
  • Price fixing lawsuits
  • State Attorney General inquiries
  • Unfair competition cases

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring Resources.

As your team considers the various corporate restructuring methods, including bankruptcy, ensure the execution of a comprehensive communications plan. A deeply experienced communications team which understands the legal, financial and substantive process and procedures in a bankruptcy filing can help you navigate the various stages of corporate bankruptcy, preserve enterprise value and prepare the restructured company to emerge stronger.

“We can afford to lose money—even a lot of money. We cannot afford to lose reputation—even a shred of reputation.”

—Warren Buffett 

Bankruptcy Communications: Presenting Corporate Restructuring Strategies.

Economists predict we’ll see an extraordinary number of both small and large corporate bankruptcies, not just in the U.S. but across the globe. For companies facing bankruptcy, their stakeholders – including employees, lenders, suppliers, customers, partners, regulators, local and state politicians and others – need to be kept apprised on an ongoing basis of how they will be impacted. In addition, companies need to prepare for any contingency in which outside adversaries threaten to disrupt the process and adversely impact the process or the company’s reputation.

A  strategic communications plan needs to be fully integrated with your legal and business strategy. LEVICK’s crisis, litigation and financial communications professionals can help guide you along this path – mitigating risk, limiting disruption to the business and reaffirming trust and confidence with all stakeholders for a successful restructuring.


  • Scenarios and contingency planning
  • Bankruptcy proceedings support
  • C-suite counsel
  • Internal communications
  • Stakeholder education and communications
  • Litigation communications and support
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Recruitment of third party allies and experts

Employee Misconduct

The Appearance of A Bad Apple
Can Spoil the Bunch.

From the Catholic Church to Penn State, today’s new reality means that religious institutions, high schools and colleges, law firms and just about any organization face the possibility of employee misconduct and even horrific allegations of abuse. Understandably, public ire is significantly inflamed when the misconduct involves children and/or sexual abuse. Employee misconduct can and does take various forms—not just allegations of inappropriate conduct but also gambling, violence and narcotics.

In situations like these, where an employee’s actions go against everything your organization stands for, you must take steps to defend the decency and integrity of your own organization while being sensitive to the due process rights of the accused, the community and the larger, sometimes national conversation. No organization wants to deal with these sensitive subjects, but it’s imperative that you handle the situation with care to protect victims and reputations.

Mitigate the
impact on your reputation.

LEVICK has handled hundreds of these matters from the Catholic Church to law firms to schools and colleges; from the global. high-profile, multiple-news-cycles-a-day matters to your local community school. We have extensive behind-the-scenes experience in mitigating the impact of abusive behavior by employees on our clients’ reputations. The goal is to balance privacy with maximum transparency to convince all critical stakeholders that everything that can be done is being done to confront the truth and support the injured while protecting the institution.



  • Crisis management
  • Employee communications 
  • Media relations
  • Public relations
  • Rebuilding brand trust
  • Reputaion management
  • Social media crisis management
  • Social media policies
  • Social media PR strategy
  • Social media training 
  • Stakeholder communications

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion: A Business Imperative.

Increased attention on the disparities in education, healthcare and income, due in part to the global pandemic, has moved the topic of diversity and inclusion to the forefront of both public policy and corporate policy discussions. We are witnessing a groundswell of support for change and accountability on these issues around the world.


Even though large numbers of companies prioritize diversity to improve culture AND to boost financial performance, an increasing number of them acknowledge the difficulties in facilitating an inclusive work culture, making it hard for their diversity efforts to be deemed successful. Unconscious bias cannot simply be waved off.

“Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

-Verna Myers


Companies are Being Called Out for Diversity Failures In Record Numbers.

Does your company take diversity and inclusion seriously? More often than not, company leadership and employees will offer opposing views.

Perception (or sometimes social media) is reality. In the wake of worldwide protests calling for social justice and equality, companies are increasingly facing skepticism over diversity practices and poor track records. From scathing reviews on Glassdoor to off the record media interviews, and call outs on Twitter, employees are speaking out and calling for change.  More often than not, there’s a blind side in the management ranks where leaders think the company’s diversity & inclusion efforts are sufficient, but employees think the workplace culture is a #Fail.

How do you address diversity related workplace challenges? Collect and analyze HR data. Review and update workplace policies. Benchmark findings against industry leaders and peers. Train your leaders to recognize the signs of unconscious biases. Create accountability and timelines for transformation with measurable results. Take an honest look at HR data and turnover rates among underrepresented groups. Conduct annual employee surveys on workplace culture. Most importantly, show transparency in the process through clear communications, a well-structured plan of action, and a credible approach geared to address disparities.

Remember, effective diversity and inclusion programs require more than good intentions – , it involves showing, not telling how diversity is part of  your corporate culture. Pledge to move beyond statements and walk the talk.




  • Customized race-based risk assessments
  • Survey delivery, analysis and presentation
  • Scenarios and contingency planning
  • C-suite counsel
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations
  • Social media strategy and counsel
  • Media monitoring and analysis

Cyber Security

Immunity is not an Option.

Cyber breaches are a real risk to governments, organizations, companies and universities, with the latest breach making the nightly news. From the earliest indication of a breach to public disclosure and the reputational challenges that linger on afterward, the way you handle the situation will have a huge impact on your future and your ability to restore trust with regulators, shareholders and customers. No matter how hard you try, your business can never be fully immune from system breaches caused by malware, criminals, ransomware attacks or hackers. The time to start planning how you will respond is before it ever happens.

Turn Disaster into Opportunity.

An industry leader in handling security issues that alarm customers, shareholders, boards of directors and attorneys general, LEVICK has played a critical role in some of the largest and most impactful breaches ever, including one of the first significant breaches involving Heartland Payment Systems, which today is lauded as the gold standard in breach response. We are the preferred cyber communications firm by many of world’s leading insurance companies and partner with the top cyber law firms.  

In real-world situations like these, LEVICK has refined our approach to data loss and theft, HIPAA violations, hacktivism and state-sponsored attacks against companies and institutions. Let us put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.


  • Build support in the privacy and security community to launch new products
  • Construct early warning systems to identify symptoms of incidents before they incubate
  • Develop data breach response preparedness processes and protocols
  • Influence public policy around cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Manage communications following a cyber-attack or security breach
  • Position executives as thought leaders on data security and electronic privacy issues
  • Shape consumer opinions about privacy protection before, during or after an incident
  • Stress test organizations’ existing breach identification and response processes


Contentious Issues at Stake.

If you have employees, you have the potential of facing labor and employment issues. Crises can erupt where you least expect them—an ordinary employee lawsuit may lead to a class action threat, and just the perception of discrimination due to age, race or gender is enough to damage your corporate reputation, even if a lawsuit is resolved in your favor. Labor-management relations and collective bargaining have their own specific challenges that occur before, during and after everyone sits down at the table to negotiate.

Strategies That Solve the Problem.

The reality is that today’s labor and employment issues aren’t resolved solely at the negotiating table or in courts of law; when the (global) public has an interest and a stake in the outcomes of these controversies, companies must ensure that their messages will resonate and travel in the Court-of-Public-Opinion.

Whether it’s a reputational challenge or a legal challenge, LEVICK stands ready to help you make your best next steps. Not only have we shielded executives from the spotlight during wrongful termination cases, but we have also spearheaded internal communications during massive layoffs and implemented strategies that helped one company avoid litigation in one of the ugliest racial incidents in recent workplace history. And the list goes on.


  • Contract disputes
  • Employment discrimination by federal government contractors
  • Executive Order 11246
  • Hiring and firing
  • Human relations communications
  • Internal communications
  • Labor union negotiations
  • Layoffs
  • Recruiting and retention
  • Sensitive race-related issues
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Uniformed Services Employment Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA)
  • US Department of Labor complaints
  • US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints
  • Workplace discrimination cases

Government Investigation

Fight Back, Cooperate or Find
Middle Ground?

In the midst of a regulator or congressional investigation, there comes a strategic point at which your company must decide: Do you fight back, cooperate or attempt to find middle ground? Once you determine that strategy you can begin the task of tackling the daunting challenges that follow.

When the government serves a threat or issues a subpoena, you need to know that you have good counsel on your side—counsel that works seamlessly with your legal and government affairs teams to influence the conversation and regain public trust. Regardless of the outcome, your goals should be to put in place strong protection and then return to business-as-usual as quickly possible.

A Multi-Front Battle.

The LEVICK team understands that a winning strategy must battle on a number of fronts. We calibrate public and media engagement, enlist the support of investors and other stakeholders and get key parties prepped to appear in front of Congress, at public events and in other high-profile venues.

Unafraid to challenge the big guys, LEVICK aggressively fought on behalf of our client when the Department of Justice issued its largest fines in history, when the EU went on the attack or when AIG was temporarily taken over by the US Government. In the midst of public cries for punitive action, we have helped clients reach mutually acceptable agreements on the international, national and state levels with some of the toughest state Attorneys General in the country. We don’t stand down from a fight.


  • Congressional investigations/Congressional hearings
  • Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigations 
  • Financial fraud cases
  • Improper trading practices cases
  • Insider trading cases
  • Market manipulation cases
  • Misleading disclosure cases
  • Misrepresentation cases
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • State Insurance Commissioners
  • US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) investigations 
  • US Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations
  • US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) investigations
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations 
  • US State Attorney General investigations

Product Liability

Liability is a fact of business life.

Product liability is a dangerous fact of life for companies. Regardless of the outcome of any litigation or regulatory action, it’s imperative that you have effective product liability communication in place for your brand to survive and thrive. And today’s product liability communications address your audience with the messages they need to hear. It reassures consumers and the public that you’re taking responsible remedial action, and highlights your collaboration with agencies like the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) so that regulators can breathe a sigh of relief.

There’s no denying that a plaintiffs’ bar dedicated to product liability enjoys a first-mover advantage and it has a seemingly endless amount of online and offline resources to win a communications war unless it is challenged at the start. To effectively battle this situation, you must turn the advantage in your favor

A history of winning battles.

With a history of winning communications battles on every front, LEVICK has helped clients make their case before regulators and in the Court-of-Public-Opinion. When Bayer MaterialScience faced exposure because a plant explosion released an obscure chemical, LEVICK’s communications strategies calmed an anxious public while local juries returned one favorable verdict after another. For America’s largest glass manufacturer, LEVICK helped reassure the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the public, heading off calls for further regulation of a recalled product.


  • Bureau of Consumer Protection complaints
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission investigations
  • Failure to warn cases
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Negative or disparaging product safety reports
  • Product recalls and recall lawsuits

Product Recall

Getting the Genie Back in the Bottle.

Regularly communicating product safety must be standard operating procedure for any company. Those assurances must also continue even when things go wrong. In instances where recalls are on the table, product and brand loyalty is tested like never before. Successfully navigating these situations by committing to make things right, and following through with that promise, can transform a crisis into an opportunity…if done strategically.

The way a company handles a recall can have a real, lasting impact on reputation and brand, but also sales and profits. The stakes have never been higher; anxious consumers are quick to fan the flames on social media, while an increasingly aggressive news media and heightened regulatory scrutiny and political oversight put additional pressure on any situation. Likewise, competitors (smelling blood in the water) will seek to gain market share by exploiting the matter.

Be it voluntary, or required by regulators, conducting a safe, orderly, precise recall is only the tactical part of the job. The strategic objective of any recall is to ensure that consumers, regulators, lawmakers, and plaintiffs’ attorneys can see for themselves that a company is putting the public’s needs first. Closing off an opponent’s pathway to attack is accomplished by going beyond regulatory compliance and reassuring audiences.

Communicating the proactive actions taken along with a commitment to product and public safety will showcase dedication to customers. Making things right while simultaneously ensuring you are an unattractive target can turn the vulnerable time of a recall into a trust and brand building exercise.

We Do it All the Time.

As the world’s leading recall communication firm, LEVICK has managed hundreds of recalls of food, drugs, consumer products and medical devices. Our close ties to regulatory lawyers and logistics specialists with extensive experience in matters involving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) means that we can predict their next steps and plan accordingly. Further, our strategic planning, messaging, social and traditional media influence can ensure your messages cut through the clutter to reassure your customers and protect your brand.


  • Consumer product recalls
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls
  • Consumer relations strategy
  • Federal Aviation Administration recalls
  • Food and Drug Administration recalls
  • Food recalls
  • Motor vehicle recalls
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalls
  • National Transportation Safety Board recalls
  • Product recall communications strategy
  • Product recall press releases and media relations
  • Reputation management
  • Social media response plan
  • US Department of Agriculture recalls

Trade Association

Herding the Cats.

Trade associations regularly face similar communications challenges regardless of the industries represented. Boards and other leadership is often made up of competitors in the same industry, setting the table for awkward situations where the interests of one member could conflict with others.

Additionally, the problems or crisis of a single company (inside or outside the association) can have devastating repercussions for the entire industry. And in situations like these where multiple companies are affected by the same problem, the best approach is often a single source of consistent, persuasive messaging and communication. However, getting that buy-in from various stakeholders is easier said than done.

Trade associations and groups are also often on the front lines of brand-building, reputation management, and fighting the public policy battles that can alter the direction of entire industries. When funded by these same industries, these genuine motivations can often be suspect.

A Unified Voice for Success.

A trade association is a natural venue for cost-effective, consistent crisis counsel, planning and training, using the unity of your organization to create strength in the marketplace. However, communicating these benefits to members while simultaneously going to bat for the industry publically needs a strong strategic communications strategy. LEVICK counselors are able to help stakeholders get on the same page and help everyone strategically advance a narrative that benefits all involved.

At LEVICK, we understand that in times of calm and in times of crisis, a unified voice is essential for success—communicating the benefits of your association industry to outside stakeholders and to members too.


  • Communicating key messages to donors
  • Communicating results of PR campaigns to association leadership
  • Crafting clear calls to action
  • Educating association leadership and volunteers about the value of public relations
  • Educating the public about issues important to your industry
  • Forming partnerships with like-minded associations and organizations
  • Media relations training for trade association leaders
  • Prioritizing communications messages to achieve the organization’s top goals

Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands: From A, B, C to IPO.

Great ideas require nurturing, and so do great young brands. Each stage of company development focuses on different objectives, and achieving each milestone demands different communications tactics. To earn continued investment, brands must convey their opportunity (Series A), differentiation (Series B), momentum (Series C) and success (IPO) to every audience that matters along the way. LEVICK helps brands enunciate their vision, prove their value and re-define their markets.


“If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong.”  

     – Charles Kettering, head of research for GM and inventor of the electric starter

Disruption Requires Courage.

When emerging companies answer the key question, “why does your brand need to exist?” they must face the notion that their very purpose is to displace others. Innovators are immediate adversaries of the status quo, which must be constantly challenged yet is always well-protected by incumbents.

Too often, startups and fast-growth companies avoid this difficult reality – the confrontational nature of innovation – and in doing so, fail the first test for disruptors. Those who realize the gravity of their mission from the beginning – to positively change their industries and quite often, how we live – are the ones that gather the resolve to communicate most courageously.  These are the clients LEVICK counsels.

Even as automation, artificial intelligence and biotechnology advances enable businesses and our society to achieve new frontiers, they raise fresh challenges that complicate conversations and draw aggression from vested interests from all quarters. Innovators need a communications partner that is both technically fluent and ready for the boldest stances within the most complex public dialogues.  Even the most gifted entrepreneurs who fail to address important questions around data security, privacy and equity are destined for crisis and even failure.

LEVICK’s professionals have prepared some of the world’s most successful start-ups, for their ascents as they revolutionize their industries, from cybersecurity to healthcare to manufacturing. From the angel investor stage through IPOs with market caps in the billions, the brands that choose LEVICK recognize the need for an independent agency with the courage to take on the most competitive markets and the biggest brands.


  • Seed Round / Angel Investment Stage Companies 
  • Early Stage (Series A / B)
  • Late Stage (Series C through IPO) 
  • Technology 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Aerospace
  • Primary market research
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Investor deck creation
  • Analyst relations
  • Industry media relations
  • Event strategy and production
  • Social media strategy
  • Executive visibility platforms
  • Broadcast media relations
  • Event strategy and production
  • Social media strategy
  • Executive visibility platforms
  • Broadcast media relations
  • Scenarios and contingency planning
  • Storytelling across all platforms
  • C-Suite counsel
  • Media monitoring and analysis

White Collar

It Can Happen to You.

Want to invite white-collar disaster? Adopt an attitude of “it can’t happen here.” Public trust of companies and corporate leaders is at an all-time low, and the headlines are filled with stories of insider trading, fraud, Ponzi schemes and FCPA violations. Today, it’s harder than ever to discern between the crimes of a renegade individual and a corporate entity’s negligence or complicity. And public perception has a direct influence on a number of things, including prosecutorial decisions, stock prices, rating agency reviews, employee morale and even potential activist investors.

Stop playing Defense.

Are you personally under the microscope in a high-profile civil or criminal matter? LEVICK can help you stop playing defense, driving a positive narrative and telling the story you want to be told. Or if a rogue employee is endangering your company’s reputation, we’ll work with you to serve your company’s best interests and preserve your business reputation. LEVICK works seamlessly with legal counsel, auditors, and others to ensure your story rises above the noise. And we work closely with Boards of Directors to ensure that they seize the opportunity to communicate in times of crisis, focusing on an enterprise-wide solution.


  • Accounting fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Criminal cases
  • Cyber theft
  • Embezzlement
  • False Claims Act cases
  • Financial institution failure
  • Health care fraud
  • Hedge fund fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Insurance fraud
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Investment fraud
  • Market manipulation
  • Mass marketing fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Piracy
  • Securities fraud
  • Wire fraud

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