Intellectual Property

White Collar Crime

Guilty ‘til Proven Innocent.

In high profile corruption, money laundering, fraud and financial services cases, the burden of proof in the Court of Public Opinion usually shifts to the accused. The Yates Memo, enacted in 2015 by former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, established a policy that required corporations to identify all individuals involved in any aspect of alleged misconduct in civil and criminal investigations. Since the policy was issued, corporate executives are increasingly being targeted and held accountable for alleged wrong doing.

Expert guidance in the direst of times

LEVICK has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses facing white-collar crime issues. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, former Justice Department officials, national security professionals, trained investigators, news reporters and communications experts has worked on hundreds of high profile criminal defense, Department of Justice, and white collar matters. From overall litigation commmunications strategy to traditional and social media and litigation websites to providing spokesperson training and preparation prior to Congressional testimony, LEVICK provides the steady, expert guidance you need in times of crisis

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Intellectual Property

Jeopardizing your
brand and your business.

There’s little that can bring down a promising venture more quickly than a company mishandling intellectual property. Something as simple as procrastinating on filing for trademark protection of your brand, being negligent in realizing the threat of copyright infringement or not being zealous enough in preserving trade secrets can have a lasting negative impact on your business, putting all of your hard work in jeopardy.

It’s no secret that intellectual property issues can also be extremely costly. Clearly, in a hyper-competitive global marketplace, companies must keep on top of emerging IP trends, avoid IP pitfalls and adopt proactive communications measures if they want to increase the chances of the company’s long-term success.

Proactively protect your position.

The hard costs of defending against IP claims can be massive. But the soft costs—including negative publicity and the corresponding business disruption—should not be overlooked. It’s important that companies are proactive when approaching IP issues if you want to minimize or avoid the problems that come from unforeseen events like infringement claims.

Identifying your key risks and vulnerability and performing proper IP due diligence is one key step in protecting your position. LEVICK will work with your key stakeholders in legal, public affairs, marketing/communications and IT to develop an IP plan that protects your “state secrets,” generates wider visibility for your trademarks and service marks and considers the implications of protecting IP in a global environment.

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Class Action & Multi Jurisdictional

When workplace issues transform
into class action threats.

Labor and employment issues can be a challenge for any organization–and sometimes, they can erupt into an acute crisis. For companies doing business nationwide, an otherwise ordinary employee lawsuit may create a class action threat. Age, gender, and race are always sensitive and potentially contentious issues that can damage corporate reputations long after lawsuits are resolved. Collective bargaining and labor management relations are always a challenge before, during and after negotiations.

Winning in court and the court of public opinion.

LEVICK’S litigation team has succeeded for clients in virtually every type of legal and reputational challenge. We have shielded executives from the spotlight during wrongful termination cases and spearheaded internal communications during massive layoffs. LEVICK’s strategy and execution helped avoid litigation in one of the ugliest racial incidents in recent workplace history. We debunked false charges leveled against a major healthcare system during a labor crisis. The list goes on.

Labor and employment issues cannot be resolved solely at the negotiating table or in courts of law. Every citizen has a stake in the outcome of these controversies and companies must craft their every word to effectively persuade this massive audience in the Court of Public Opinion. LEVICK’s labor and employment communications professionals stand ready to protect your company’s reputation against an onslaught of employment matters, as well as in human resources communication strategies.

Experience :

  • Contract disputes
  • Department of Labor complaints
  • Employment discrimination by federal government contractors
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints
  • Executive Order 11246
  • Hiring and firing
  • Human relations communications
  • Internal communications
  • Labor union negotiations
  • Layoffs
  • Recruiting and retention
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Uniformed Services Employment Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA)
  • Workplace discrimination cases

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There’s No place to Hide.

Today, just the threat of a government investigation or enforcement action can make for tremendously negative headlines. You need a response that will neutralize or ward off threats of criminal prosecution or expensive civil penalties. Having a sound communications protocol in the midst of a sensitive investigative crisis is essential to keeping your side of the story in the public sphere.

Prepare for a judgment call.

As the investigation unfolds and the facts are brought to light, it’s important to have an answer for all of the tough questions. What will you do when the media calls? What’s the worst-and best-case scenario? Are you prepared for a leak? Adopting a proactive communications strategy to identify and respond to all potential outcomes will be necessary for survival.

From government investigations to white collar defense and settlement negotiations, LEVICK’s litigation team will develop a playbook, preparing you for all stages of enforcement actions and investigations. Represented public and private companies, boards and executives looking to limit exposure and reputational damage, the LEVICK team knows the next best steps to take in investigation scenarios.

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International Political Issues

More Businesses Face Collateral
Damage from Political Fallout.

From climate change and trade wars to immigration and the global economy, there’s no shortage of geopolitical issues to keep you up at night. Increased regulation, civil unrest and trade concerns complicate business strategy.

To be sure, penalties imposed by the US last year blacklisted companies and cost billions in tariffs. Brexit has pushed uncertainty to unprecedented levels. Millions of people participated in protests around the world to call for businesses and governments to take action on climate change, freedom of speech and democratic reforms.

Navigating political risk requires preparation, understanding the backstory and using intelligence to drive strategy. Who is funding the cause? Are there behind the scenes supporters? Is the counter-messaging on social media fueled by real people, bots or sovereign interests. Knowing the full story helps minimize risk and inform strategy.

Your mission is our mission.

LEVICK helps international companies navigate sensitive, politically-charged chaos and litigation. We create best-in-class campaigns for clients around the world, providing customized research and the development of strategic alliances, surveys, risk assessments and due diligence reports with the goal to create an environment in which a positive outcome is possible.

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Increased Enforcement Activity
Increases Compliance Concerns.

With an uptick in the enforcement of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and a host of other anti-corruption measures around the world, multinational companies must be even more vigilant when vetting the agents they utilize to facilitate sales abroad. With both anti-bribery and accounting components, the FCPA is enforced most zealously to non-US companies. Willful ignorance is not a viable excuse; individuals, corporations and other business entities found violating the FCPA face high fines and even imprisonment.

Restaurants & Food PR Agency

Identify and Minimize “Red Flags”.

Companies must be able to identify the red flags that are likely to draw the attention of enforcement authorities so that you can create a strong fallback position, rooted in appropriate due diligence, should allegations arise. LEVICK is unique amongst global communications firms, with our deep expertise in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) anti-corruption matters. Our team members regularly speak around the world on FCPA and MDB topics.

LEVICK has directed the communications on FCPA in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North America—and we work closely with the FCPA “legal mafia” of leading lawyers, the anti-corruption NGOs and the key journalists and influential bloggers who cover FCPA matters. When no companies were yet confident in going to trial on FCPA matters, LEVICK developed and spearheaded the effective strategy which changed the global conversation.

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