Grassroots Advocacy

The Balance of Power
has Shifted to the People.

Power to the people, literally. The Internet has forever shifted the balance of power, putting grassroots initiatives and advocacy on par with and ever increasingly ahead of businesses, traditional influencers and the media. Whether loosely organized or tightly knit, groups of like-minded people—often with the aid of the plaintiffs bar, attorneys generals, unions, NGOs, and other interest groups—have the ability to shape public policy, redefining “chain of command” and separating old walls that stood between citizens and public officials. Most importantly, they control the timeline.

The online battleground is rife with hazards–and opportunities. Smart companies realize that grassroots campaigns require early warning. Intelligence which tells you what’s next and defines defense and offense. You must prepare to withstand and counter the impact of a grassroots campaign, and also prepare to mount and nurture your own grassroots campaign to help drive important policy decisions. Whether your business is still standing after the tackle or is poised to run for the end zone depends solely on your ability to effectively inspire action.

Create Communities of Support.

There’s more to grassroots advocacy than sheer numbers; gathering legions of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers is only the beginning. When effectively executed, your grassroots advocacy engagement will be an exercise that amasses communities of support that can be engaged and mobilized when they are needed most. Your business can speak directly to its audiences without fear of media distortion or dilution.

When legislative or regulatory decisions hold your industry’s future in the balance, LEVICK’s grassroots advocacy strategies act as a force multiplier that demonstrates overwhelming levels of support.

Today, the digital universe changes opinions–and policy–faster than any medium in history. Whoever controls the high ground online wins the debate.

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Communicate to Persuade

The ultimate goal of any communication is to persuade the listener to take action, even if the action is not to raise a voice. Understanding who the important listeners are, what makes them tick and what messages motivate, is not always clear without intelligence and insight.

Cut through the Clutter.

At LEVICK, we help clients communicate with core audiences by carefully crafting messages that cut through the clutter and resonate with intended targets—building trust and inspiring them to action. From the grassroots to coalition building and enlisting supportive third parties, we understand that oftentimes the messenger is more important than the message.

LEVICK’s relationships with journalists, influential bloggers, think tanks, NGOs and thought leaders allow us to quickly engage, and establish a narrative that attracts allies, blunts adversaries and most importantly, achieves desired objectives.

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Transparency in the face of Scrutiny.

Representing a foreign country or interest requires greater transparency than ever before. Recent revelations about well-placed lobbyists and influencers not abiding by the letter and spirit of the law have led to ever-higher levels of scrutiny.

Passed in 1938 to address Nazi propaganda agents, FARA or the Foreign Agents Registration Act requires that anyone representing the interests of powers outside the US in any effort to impact US policy or the US public must disclose both their relationship with the foreign entity and information about related activities and finances.

Integrated marketing services

Successfully navigate the media minefield of FARA filings.

Foreign interests—however experienced in Washington—are not always familiar with the intricacies and increased attention on FARA filings and what it means to the strategic communications efforts. Experienced communications agencies will file and with it, online organizations will immediately report it, often critically. This narrative will then be covered by the more traditional media. The criticism involved is directly proportional to how unpopular or controversial the foreign interest is, no matter how righteous or important.

FARA-related communications work requires the political and communications skills to advance diplomatic and business interests. It also requires the experience to know what NGOs, regulators and the crowds are thinking. It’s how Washington works.

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Regulatory & local legislative
Challenges Abound.

In the absence of many Congressional and Senate debates, legislative challenges are becoming much more local and regulatory in nature. Local ordinances, state policies and federal regulations are popping up, and impacting companies and industries like never before.

Avoid the game of whack-a-mole.

LEVICK helps clients avoid the game of whack-a-mole. Our public affairs communicators strategically craft and deploy narratives that generate local/grassroots support for, or opposition against, various legislative proposals. From preparing testimony or public comments to engaging with local press and thought leaders, we amplify our client’s position and make it easy for officials to see the light and vote correctly.

By deploying a narrative that resonates with stakeholders and is promoted by trusted allies, we ensure that decision-makers get the message.

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legislative scrutiny.

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