Accessing US Markets


Your future is in the Balance.

Regulatory agencies can decimate your business reputation without levying a single fine or issuing a public rebuke. The mere mention of an inquiry is enough to jeopardize your business and your bottom line. Regardless of if the inquiry leads to a negative outcome, the damage is done—and climbing back from that damage can be a long, expensive battle.

Ensure your narrative rises above the noise.

The only defense is a proactive offense, ready to take action by initiating protective steps well before any disclosure of a probe is made public. LEVICK amplifies your message, engaging the influencers in your space to help support your side of the story. We rally and embolden everyday individuals to add their voices to the conversation, strengthening your position and ensuring that your message rises above all others in every media venue. We take control of the narrative, guiding you toward the best chance for a positive resolution.

Are legislative or regulatory decisions
leaving your business hanging in the balance?

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Accessing US Markets

Connections Count.

Companies that are seeking to begin or extend operations in the US require an agency with both cultural fluency and mastery of the channels that work best. Introducing brands, products and new perspectives demands a careful balancing of a diverse range of strategic communications services.

Communicating with key audiences in the US, from consumers to B2B buyers and business partners to lawmakers can be a risky proposition if done incorrectly. Reaching out to those audiences with messages that will resonate requires experience with and intimate knowledge of how things work in the boardrooms and living rooms of America.

The strategies and services you need to connect.

Whether you’re seeking to introduce new ideas, moderate opinion, drive sales, manage change or narrate the defense of legal rights, LEVICK can guide your next best steps. We know how to match the right strategies and services with the right messages to provide the outcomes our clients seek. From supporting lobbying at the federal and state level to providing organizations with business intelligence, media relations and shareholder/investor relations support, LEVICK is ready to work hand-in-glove with your key stakeholders to ensure your message resonates with the US audiences with whom you want to connect.

We can help your
organization make inroads into the US market.

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Boardroom and C-suite liability

Criminalizing the Boardroom.

“Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”
Raymond Donovan, former Secretary of Labor

Corporate criminalization is no longer an anomaly; it’s an increasingly common event that’s happening across the US. And while there are, unfortunately, no shortage of corporate executives that have committed crimes and deserve punishment, there is a growing trend of “normal” corporate behavior being criminalized. No C-suite executives should be jailed for following the advice of counsel and abiding by the letter and spirit of the law, and yet increasingly we see former executives jailed through a combination of post-facto judgment and ambitious prosecutors.

Corporate officers, directors and managers are finding themselves the focus of draconian inquiries and the potential consequences are real: prison time, high fines, unjustified indictments and the complete loss of livelihood. Unfortunately, the very nature of these inquiries means that even a decision not to prosecute or a strategic settlement carries its own reputational risks.

When liberty and
reputation are at risk, contact LEVICK

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Can You Convince the Marketplace?

Regardless of if your company is on the buying or selling side of a merger or acquisition, your overall success hinges on your ability to convince the marketplace that you’re creating greater value for all stakeholders. And controlling the public narrative so that news of your new entity’s ability to generate even greater benefits for all stakeholders will have a huge impact on how smoothly the process goes.

Control the Variables.

Perceptions form and harden online and in the media, so it’s important that your corporation has a consistent, active presence and a clear, easy-to-amplify message. You need communications strategies that proactively address what will happen next, account for every potential variable, and anticipate (and plan to handle) any opposition. LEVICK has helped clear the way for multi-billion dollar deals as well as worked with corporations to block mergers that would weaken their market positions.

How will your merger or acquisition be received by your stakeholders? We can help navigate the process.

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Activists Investors

The Rebrand of Corporate
Raiders to Activist Investors.

It sounds so much less threatening — “activist investors.” Increasingly companies and their boards are facing activist investors, sometimes in league with deep intelligence, plaintiffs, and regulators to make companies more accessible. After engaging management privately under the auspices of having “constructive” conversations, the once civil conversation can turn fiery if they don’t get exactly what they want…and then the real fight begins.

Weather the activist investor storm.

To effectively address activist investors and other groups that may potentially cause issues for your corporation, it’s important that you are prepared to launch a strategic defense. LEVICK understands the activist investor playbook and knows how to predict their next moves based on what history shows us. We know how to develop and deploy the responses necessary to minimize the onslaught and maximize the chances of a positive outcome for your business.

Do you know what to tell your investors
in the event of an attack on your business? LEVICK does.

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Malfeasance/ #MeToo

When Silence isn’t Golden.

The #MeToo Movement’s unapologetic call for accountability has changed the landscape of sexual misconduct and gender parity in the workplace. While protecting powerful executives and muting accusers through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) once served as the playbook for employers when malfeasance reared its ugly head, victims of harassment are now speaking out in record numbers.

Even the most conscientious employers are not immune. Hundreds of prominent men have lost their jobs in the fallout of public allegations. According to NPR, a survey by the nonprofit Stop Street Harassment found that 43 percent of men and 81 percent of women experienced some form of sexual harassment. The #MeToo hashtag has been used by millions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in more than 85 countries.

No comment is not a viable response.

Is your company prepared to respond to decades-old allegations? In the wake of #MeToo, “no comment” is no longer an option. Given the speed of allegations going viral, it’s important to have a plan in place. LEVICK’s rapid response team is available 24/7 to handle sensitive issues, media interviews and misconduct allegations. We also provide support throughout all phases of the investigative and litigation process.

The time to get ready is now.
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Anti-Trust Matters

Public Opinion
Impacts Legal Outcomes.

Monopoly lawsuits. Accusations of price fixing. FTC investigations. Investigating Big Tech. Antitrust cases are often decided in the court of public opinion, where the public and marketplace’s opinion can have a huge impact on the path regulators and law enforcement decide to take. It’s about much more than what the law states and what the legal judgment is; it comes down to influencing the larger public conversation about what does and doesn’t help to serve a free, competitive environment.

Drive the conversation.

Controlling the narrative online, where terms like “monopoly” or “price fixing” are thrown about by armchair “experts” is key in influencing the public discussion, because the regulators and law enforcement reviewing your company are part of that audience, too. To frame the discussion and drive the conversation, it’s imperative that you disseminate compelling, relevant messages as well as leveraging the power of allies and collaborators who can independently articulate why your corporate position is in the best interest of stakeholders and consumers.

In these bet-the-company actions, you need a proven partner by your side, ready to mount and win a multi-pronged counter-offensive against government overreach. LEVICK has operated in every aspect of the antitrust environment, at every tier of the antitrust arena. We work side-by-side with your legal counsel to create comprehensive communications, outreach and influence campaigns that maximize your case in court—or rally enough public support to assure the case never gets that far.

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