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Professional Services


Professional Services

Professional Services
Firms Face Complex Challenges

In directing the communications for many of the food industry’s largest trade associations, over 200 food recalls, restaurant and food handling crises, surreptitious LEVICK is the world leader in law firm communications representation, having worked with more than 300 law firms worldwide including more than Law firms, accounting firms, and other professional service firms face unique challenges, often because the market expects more of these professionals than of other executives. Succession, gender and diversity, market share, mergers, practice group or partner departures, br.anding, performance numbers, or overall growth and expansion issues may all cause concern. At the
same time, differentiating the firm from its competitors can be a formidable task. LEVICK pioneered law firm communications, going back over thirty years to the first days of law firm communications. We have represented more than half of the AmLaw 100 and over one-third of the Global 100. We introduced many of the now commonly used law firm media strategies, from third-party commentary to roundtables. Today, we continue to innovate, for example, with broadcasts, podcasts, and other high-profile safe platforms that help lawyers and other professionals drive business development and recruitment campaigns as well as support and protect their clients.

Building Brand
Equity Saves Reputations

Some of the world’s top professional service firms have gone out of business as a result of a crisis. Unlike many other industries, professional service firms must often struggle to reverse momentum once a series of stories becomes public. Devastating problems can arise from multiple causes: partner defections, compensation, alleged malpractice or malfeasance, decreased profitability, hiring practices, and so forth.In a competitive globalized market, no professional services firm can afford to ignore the likely problems ahead or the potential solutions at hand. Despite formidable circumstances, few crises are insurmountable.LEVICK helps professional service firms thrive and grow while helping master the challenges unique to their industry.


  • Building name recognition
  • Branding a firm
  • Food safety issues
  • Building a web presence to highlight niche practice and industry expertise
  • Creating a visual brand identity
  • Building relationships with trade press
  • Developing a firmwide social media strategy
  • Gaining influence with bloggers and journalists covering your industry
  • Crisis communications
  • Departures
  • Media training
  • Mergers
  • Practice and firm growth
  • Preparing content marketing plans
  • Tailoring marketing plans to target audience
  • Protecting clients
  • Succession
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