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August 30, 2019


There are Many Kinds
of Aviation PR Disasters

At 9:38 a.m. on September 11, 2001, when American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, the call went out to LEVICK. When a foreign airplane manufacturer’s popular small plane started falling out of the sky, the call went to LEVICK. When foreign airlines expand into the US and compete for highly valuable terminal space, they come to LEVICK. For multiple foreign airlines and airline manufacturers looking to compete in the US, they come to LEVICK. For JetBlue and US Air, when they needed crisis plans and preparedness, they came to LEVICK.

Airlines, airports, manufacturers, and aviation suppliers all need communications help at some point. Whether it is about public affairs, regulatory issues, competition, market entry, or–heaven forbid–a crash, the aviation industry requires specialized communications teams.

First Responders
When You Need Us Most

The challenges for the aviation industry are unique. When United Airlines deplaned one of its passengers, caught on video at O’Hare and broadcast around the world on social media, including 20 million downloads per hour in China, it outlined just how challenging aviation is. The great untold story of United is that their CEO, Oscar Munoz, had a long history of exceptional response to crisis in multiple industries. He is a true leader. If a communications crisis can occur on his watch, it can occur anywhere.

Airlines in the US and across the globe turn to LEVICK to provide comprehensive aviation communications and to serve as first responders in the face of a tragedy. We’ll work with you long before takeoff to develop thorough crisis communications plans that are ready to go at a moment’s notice, addressing the concerns of stakeholders from the runway to Wall Street.


  • Airline crisis preparedness and training
  • Airline IPO media and public relations
  • Airline manufacturing disasters
  • Airline quarterly earnings announcements
  • Aviation disasters
  • Aviation public affairs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreign market entry
  • Gate disturbances
  • Launching of new services
  • Promoting the interests of air travel and air cargo industry clients
  • Publicity for new airline routes

Current and Former Clients

  • Airline executives
  • Aviation manufacturers
  • Charter airlines
  • Commercial airlines
  • International carriers
  • Regional airlines

August 30, 2019


The Trust Deficit — When
Your Banker is No Longer a Neighbor.

A generation ago, our bankers were neighbors. While banks periodically had communications challenges, there was also a locally-based relationship that bought time and trust. While the merger of banks has provided great efficiencies it has also made them strangers in their own neighborhoods. Advertising and CSR alone cannot bridge that trust gap.

Banks and non-banks now face unprecedented challenges in the marketplace. Scrutiny by state, federal and global regulators has led to negative media attention, fueling the anger of an untrusting public that is quick to place blame. The resulting trust deficit has created an adversarial relationship between banks and non-banks, the regulators that oversee them and even their own customers, leading to a highly regulated and volatile environment.

A Dynamic Strategy
that Addresses All Audiences.

For your bank or non-bank survive a crisis, it’s important that you control the narrative, guiding online and offline conversations in the direction that suits your needs. Much more than a simple PR communication plan, you need a multifaceted strategy that considers the points of view of investors, regulators, consumers and other stakeholders so that you can fully address their concerns and begin to rebuild trust.

Working with you and your counsel, LEVICK will coordinate the resources necessary to create a dynamic communications strategy that focuses on what you’re doing right and prepares a strong defense in case things go awry. From strategic planning to risk management and business oversight, we can create and flawlessly execute on a plan to influence the conversation at all levels.


  • Bank and non-bank brand building.
  • Bank and non-bank failures
  • Bank and non-bank mergers
  • Bank and non-bank regulation
  • Bank runs
  • Customer communication
  • Cyber-security issues
  • Financial crisis management
  • Investor relations
  • Media relations
  • Peacetime communications strategy

August 30, 2019


Your industry in the Crosshairs.

A billion-dollar defense contractor exposed and heavily criticized on 60 Minutes followed instantly by contracting officer inquiries and congressional investigations. A senior military official going before Congress suddenly engendering public subordinate criticism. One of the world’s largest aerospace contractors under attack from multiple audiences. A foreign defense contractor trying to show its American-supporting activities when the home country is viewed critically. Defense contractors and military officials have unique communications challenges.

In today’s highly polarized political environment, the defense industry is at the forefront of heated national conversations. Officials delight in exploiting perceived political advantages while risking strategic benefits due to shrinking budgets and scarce resources. For contractors, the procurement process has become more uncertain in an ever-changing political and economic environment.

Strategic Communications

Defense contractors and military officials require unique and critical communications assistance. Specialized skills, including navigating the hallowed halls of the Pentagon, accessing Congressional politicians and their staffs and rapidly deploying supportive voices that impact positive changes to the narrative, improving perceptions and echoing messages reaching multiple stakeholders. An influential politician deciding to withhold comment at a critical moment is one of the most powerful moments of silence in Washington.

LEVICK’s experts have been recruited from nearly every sector of government. We know what it takes to aggressively and effectively persuade elected officials and public audiences of the value and integrity of top contractors and manufacturers, both US-based and foreign companies. We deliver compelling messages that focus on the industry’s support of American core values and your role in safeguarding our mission and our citizens.

Current and former clients

  • Aerospace companies
  • Defense agencies
  • Defense contractors
  • Defense manufacturers
  • Homeland Security stakeholders
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Intelligence contractors
  • State and Federal agencies

August 30, 2019


The Fickle, Critical Food Customer.

In directing the communications for many of the food industry’s largest trade associations, over 200 food recalls, restaurant and food handling crises, surreptitious internal videos, and related food industry issues, we’ve learned a thing or two about which types of recalls garner the greatest public interest and concern; the playbooks of the leading food plaintiffs law firms; the way food regulators think and act; and when is the right time to rebuild and market post incident. Food issues are always sensitive, with foodborne illness, contagious disease, baby and pet food recalls, sustainability, ingredient litigation and unauthorized videos leading the list.

Recalls. Safety crises. Labeling issues. Litigation over “natural” and “organic.” Supply chain issues. Slaughterhouse issues. Even the world’s most cautious companies are at risk of these and other brand-damaging events. And at the time of a crisis, it doesn’t matter that your brand has effectively provided safe, affordable food to consumers for decades. What matters is the way your business handles the incident at hand—and although you may be checking all of the regulatory boxes, it’s still easy to miss the mark, leaving consumers and other stakeholders feeling anxious and angry.

As food industry insiders, we
know what to do next

One of the food industry’s leading communications and crisis counselors, LEVICK has spearheaded the front-page national spinach recall, Bob Evans, Arby’s and the USDA to deal with potential crisis situations.

When Rachael Ray’s Nutrish cat food was recalled, we worked on two fronts to provide recall communication assistance and celebrity reputation management. When the world’s largest mango recall occurred, we counseled the importer responsible for the recall to go above and beyond minimum recall requirements; when he was publicly recognized by the produce industry for putting health & safety over products, he specifically recognized LEVICK as assisting in his decision. And when pregnant women calling into a call center expressed concern about how a pickled beet recall would potentially impact their unborn babies, LEVICK recommending the manufacturer hire an on-call OB/GYN doctor to address their concerns and assure them there was no danger.

As food industry insiders, we know exactly what fears and anxieties affect consumers – and how they can best get the safety reassurances they deserve before, during, and after crisis of any magnitude.


  • Anti-obesity campaigns
  • Food and restaurant brand protection and re-emergence
  • Foodborne illness
  • Food labeling issues
  • Food litigation
  • Food poisoning
  • Food safety issues
  • Food science outreach
  • Food trade association public affairs
  • Organic and natural litigation
  • Recalls
  • Restaurant lawsuit PR strategy
  • Slaughterhouse issues
  • Supermarket branding
  • Supply chain issues
  • Unauthorized video and handling issues

August 30, 2019

Foreign Governments

A complex set of needs.

Foreign governments must address a plethora of communication needs most urgently including influencing the White House and Congress, attracting new business investments, demonstrating compliance with international humanitarian standards and justifying policy decisions. Often, achieving these goals hinges upon a sovereign’s ability to effectively communicate its own story–economically and politically–to influential American audiences, including consumers, elected officials and their staff, think tank leadership and the media. Communicating compelling messages that spark meaningful change is mission-critical.

We have represented more than 30 countries on their most sensitive matters, including foreign aid, free trade, kidnapping, litigation, transfer of power, security, incarceration and how new governments are received in Washington. We’ve been hired on the most challenging international matters out of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, including the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), World Trade Organization (WTO) litigation and Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) review.

Navigating Washington.

LEVICK’s international team provides seamless strategic services to nations, working closely with lobbyists and lawyers to achieve each country’s core objectives. With long-term strategic partners located around the globe, we can provide additional support in-country and in nearly any language. We work in war-torn countries under armed escort to protect our clients; we don’t hesitate to go wherever we are needed.


  • Advancing national commercial interests
  • Building international support for national objectives
  • Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)
  • Counseling foreign governments on U.S. public opinion and political systems
  • CSR communications
  • Embassy representation
  • Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Free trade
  • Global labor issues
  • Human rights issues
  • Influencing public opinion around the world
  • Kidnapping and ransom
  • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • Navigating the complexities of a free press in the United States and other nations
  • NGO relations
  • United Nations, Congressional and White House visits
  • World Trade Organization (WTO)

August 30, 2019


Ensure your brand and
secure your company’s future.

The contentious business environment provides a number of challenges for insurance companies and their clients. Plaintiffs’ lawyers and local officials take self-interested positions. Painfully complex civil litigation like that which happened after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 are on the rise. The politics of Obamacare and Trumpcare create an ever-shifting landscape, creating compliance and communication issues for health insurers.

Grappling with multifaceted issues, insurance companies are always in the public and media spotlight—and the way you handle or respond to those issues will determine your company’s future. To succeed, you must develop a comprehensive, practical communications strategy as your own insurance against events that can impact your brand.

The Preferred Provider.

Comprised of corporate, insurance, financial and trade association industry veterans, LEVICK’s insurance team has provided guidance to insurance companies in court and in the Court of Public Opinion. Designated as a crisis communications preferred provider by more than a dozen insurance carriers, LEVICK works hand-in-hand with policyholders’ outside counsel during active response and the ensuing reputation management phase. We have proven experience creating and implementing communications strategies that have helped reduce legal settlements across all industries, often by tens of millions of dollars.


  • Assessing and preparing for potential risks that can impact reputations
  • Building insurance company brand recognition
  • Crisis communications counsel and execution in the face of cyber attacks
  • Disseminating messages to national and insurance industry trade media
  • Helping insurance companies and insurance associations communicate with lawmakers and regulators
  • Positioning insurance executives as experts and thought leaders
  • Promoting growth of commercial insurance companies via business media outreach
  • Reaching insurance customers through consumer media
  • Reputation management when catastrophic losses elevate the carrier into the news stream

August 30, 2019

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

The public and
plaintiffs’™ lawyers are watching.

To navigate the complex marketplace, crisis management must be in the DNA of pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies. Do you know how to map the code? It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is a playground for plaintiffs’ lawyers and a breeding ground for multidistrict litigation. Medical device companies are similarly at risk, facing lawsuits that compensate in severity what they might lack in volume.

It doesn’t stop there. Pharmaceutical and medical device challenges often go beyond litigation, with strict regulatory oversight from state, federal and international agencies. Product recalls, product tampering and manufacturing disruptions are all threats to pharma reputations. With multiple stakeholder audiences⁠—from consumers to regulators to NGOs⁠—crafting the right message is vital. Public scrutiny about everything from drug approval processes to medication pricing and supply challenges create a powderkeg, with a single incident often the trigger for an unwanted explosion. Uncertainty in the insurance industry and political posturing about Medicare, Medicaid and Big Pharma create a precarious situation that must be navigated nimbly and responsibly.

Quell concerns and rebuild trust.

As usual, the best defense is a good offense⁠—and that’s why some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers choose to work with LEVICK. We help manage ongoing exposure and current lawsuits, mapping out communications plans both in-the-moment and in advance to blunt the crisis. From melamine contamination in infant formula to clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease drugs, LEVICK’s experts have helped companies deploy and deliver messages that quell concerns and rebuild trust.

As a proud member of the Consumer Health Care Products Association, LEVICK assists CHPA members with their communications needs, including crisis communications planning and execution, issues management and media relations.


  • Clinical trials of pharmaceuticals
  • Intellectual property protection cases
  • Investor relations
  • Medical device malfunction lawsuits
  • Medical sector media relations
  • New drug and medical device launches
  • Pharmaceutical crisis management
  • Pharmaceutical disaster recovery plans
  • Pharmaceutical litigation
  • Pharmaceutical reputation management
  • Public and regulatory affairs

August 30, 2019

Professional Services

Professional Services
Firms Face Complex Challenges

LEVICK is the world leader in law firm communications, having represented and worked with more than 300 of the world’s leading law firms and dozens of other professional services firms. Whether the issues are laudatory such as big case wins and growth or are more challenging such as internal investigations, DEI or partner departures, LEVICK has been there and can provide the assistance that professionals need at their most important moments.

LEVICK pioneered law firm communications, going back over thirty years to the first days of law firm communications. We have represented more than half of the AmLaw 100 and over one-third of the Global 100. We introduced many of the now commonly used law firm media strategies, from third-party commentary and branding to roundtables and eNewsletters. Today, we continue to innovate, for example, with broadcasts, podcasts, and other high-profile safe platforms that help lawyers and other professionals drive business development and recruitment campaigns as well as support and protect their clients.

Building Brand
Equity Saves Reputations

Some of the world’s top professional service firms have gone out of business as a result of a crisis. Unlike many other industries, professional service firms must often struggle to reverse momentum once a series of stories becomes public. Devastating problems can arise from multiple causes: partner defections, compensation, alleged malpractice or malfeasance, decreased profitability, hiring practices, and so forth. In a competitive globalized market, no professional services firm can afford to ignore the likely problems ahead or the potential solutions at hand. Despite formidable circumstances, few crises are insurmountable. LEVICK helps professional service firms thrive and grow while helping master the challenges unique to their industry.


  • Building name recognition
  • Branding a firm
  • Food safety issues
  • Building a web presence to highlight niche practice and industry expertise
  • Creating a visual brand identity
  • Building relationships with trade press
  • Developing a firmwide social media strategy
  • Gaining influence with bloggers and journalists covering your industry
  • Crisis communications
  • Departures
  • Media training
  • Mergers
  • Practice and firm growth
  • Preparing content marketing plans
  • Tailoring marketing plans to target audience
  • Protecting clients
  • Succession

August 30, 2019

Schools and Universities

In loco parentis.

Institutions of learning at all levels are threatened by a variety of simmering issuesaccusations of sexual harassment, bullying, cheating and bribery to NCAA oversight, violence and even rape. The tragic, remarkable and spiraling missteps at Penn State, Maryland and Michigan State teach valuable lessons about the insulation and blindness of some of even the greatest educational institutions. Add to that the culture of fear where sales of bulletproof backpacks surge as the nation deals with a veritable onslaught of school shootings. Anxiety among parents, administrators, and officials is forcing universities, high schools and even elementary and pre-schools to plan for this new reality.

Communicating the value of the education a school provides while simultaneously highlighting the institution’s commitment to student safety is the new normal. Working in partnership with hundreds of educational institutions, LEVICK has proven that the right preparation, strategy, messages and execution provides opportunities to enhance reputation, while a single misstep can destroy the entire brand-building journey, or worse, lead to tragedy.

The Unfortunate New Reality.

With budgets under the microscope, new competition from online, increased transparency, the pool of donors shrinking and a heightened sense of responsibility, charter and for-profit institutions can ill afford significant communications mistakes—or even the appearance of a misstep. LEVICK’s team, veterans of the most difficult and high profile educational institution crises, protects institutions under the direst of circumstances and speaks truth to power. We provide step-by-step planning and guidance to ensure optimal readiness for human-made or natural disasters and guide you on the next best step to take to weather any crisis situation.


  • Academic brand building
  • Academic reputation management
  • Active shooter
  • Affirmative action policies
  • Alumni history
  • Campus security issues
  • College and university fundraising
  • Financial accountability
  • Fiscal crises and funding cuts
  • Hate speech on campus
  • Hazing
  • Inappropriate teacher/student issues
  • Independent investigations
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • #MeToo issues
  • NCAA investigations
  • Personnel disputes, including tenure
  • Research ethics
  • Research funding and corporate relationships
  • Sexual misconduct with minors
  • Student protests

August 30, 2019

Sports And Entertainment

Satiating the public’s appetite.

Providing real-time intelligence during one World Cup and protecting another from hostile criticism. Representing a professional sports team on their contested broadcast rights and marketing new sports franchises. Defending professional athletes at their most challenging times.

The entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. From movies to television to stadiums, smartphones and tablets, consumers here and across the globe have a voracious appetite for being amused, delighted or educated—they simply want to be part of the experience. The sports industry enjoys similar popularity, with online experiences giving fans new ways to interact with their favorite franchise, not the least of which is legalized gambling.

Like any business, sports and entertainment companies are not immune to the litany of decisions and issues that happen behind-the-scenes. And now, they are on the front lines of a politically divided nation. Advertising and marketing decisions, contract negotiations, licensing issues, likeness rights battles, labor actions, player safety litigation, intellectual property disputes, the politicalization of sports and countless other controversies can disrupt business and threaten reputations. Social media has created opportunities (and pitfalls) for celebrities, teams and top athletes to make or break their careers.

Battle-tested and ready.

Sports and entertainment businesses and high-profile individuals must have trusted advisors capable of preparing you prior to a scandal and ready to guide you through the crucible of public trials, congressional hearings and insatiable media interest. LEVICK’s team understands that it isn’t just individual careers at risk; few industries face a more aggressive, inquiring public, and few have more to lose when crises are handled ineffectively. Our team is battle-tested and ready to go-to-bat for the full array of sports and entertainment individuals and entities.

Current and Former Clients

  • Actors
  • Athletes
  • Authors
  • Broadcasters
  • Clubs and entertainment venues
  • College athletes
  • Filmmakers
  • Leagues
  • Litigation
  • Models
  • Musicians
  • National media
  • Professional and amateur coaches
  • Professional sports teams
  • Publishers
  • Record studios and record labels
  • Retired athletes
  • Security intelligence
  • Singers and songwriters
  • Sports agents
  • Sports marketing companies
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