LEVICK’s Coronavirus Capabilities

As an agency known worldwide for its crisis fluency, LEVICK is being called upon during the coronavirus pandemic by some of the world’s most important brands. We are assisting organizations across multiple sectors to swiftly communicate internally, with partners and investors and with an anxious public. We’re helping chart and navigate communications challenges within borrowing and lending, caring for vulnerable communities, enunciating policy and heading off the risk of litigation.

COVID-19 will not be the only headwind your organization faces in the coming months – making it absolutely critical that you are prepared for the next challenge. Through scenario planning and simulations, your organization can gird itself with a new layer of resilience. By acting with urgency and empathy, you can help your employees and the publics you serve become more resilient too.

As the effects of coronavirus ripple across our society, it is increasingly clear that the pandemic may be remembered as our era’s greatest crisis. But it is unquestionably a shared challenge that can be overcome together. With proactive, anticipatory communications strategies and actions, your organization can be the light in a time of darkness.

The impact of COVID-19 is immense. It is global, it is tragic, and it is personal. But it is not unprecedented.

The current experience has been aptly compared to periods of global war and to natural disasters of the most massive scale. But as the world struggles to protect its collective health, including its economic well-being, we must all be reminded that we will pull through – by pulling together.

It will first take a lot of hard work, and some heroism. This means that organizations aren’t just tasked with rapidly re-defining operational goals, but also with redefining the pace and breadth of their communications. LEVICK is prepared to guide your organization during this global crisis and the subsequent recovery process through timely, personalized communications to your audiences and stakeholders. We understand the unique challenges each industry is currently facing, and we are prepared to help.

Industries LEVICK is currently assisting during the pandemic include:

On the [COVID-19) testing issue, this is one of our darkest moments in public health. I can’t remember a time we’ve failed to do what we should have done. When South Korea can test more people in one day than we’ve been able to test in eight weeks, that should tell you we have a problem.

— Duluth News Tribune.

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