Case Study

We Helped It.

During these challenging times of US-Sino relations, Chinese technology companies turn to LEVICK to help win the trust within the US government.

When Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wanted to make Dubai a financial center of The Gulf, by merging the NASDAQ, OMX, and DIFX, he turned to LEVICK for a multi-year campaign to build trust and unanimous passage through CFIUS

When Kuwait, a staunch ally of the US, needed to free its detainees at Guantanamo, caught up in the dragnet and support its three US Supreme Court cases, they came to LEVICK on one of the most sensitive campaigns since the Japanese internment case of Korematsu v. The U.S., during World War II.

When one of Japan’s largest consumer electronics companies faced daunting FCPA allegations, they turned to LEVICK to build a global campaign designed to minimize exposure and rebuild trust.

When the government of Antigua needed to protect its interests before the WTO, they came to LEVICK to develop the initial strategy which would result in international legal proceedings.

When the DOJ attempted the largest fine in its history against a Norwegian shipping magnate, they came to LEVICK to develop the global strategy and work with their legal team which resulted in full exoneration and a 180 degree change in media perceptions within one year.

The heads of state of more than 30 nations have turned to LEVICK to help them communicate with Washington, the nation and the world.

We have a deep understanding not only in how Washington works, but the cultural differences that can interfere with effective campaigns and how to overcome them.