Richard S. Levick, Esq.

Richard S. Levick, Esq.


Richard S. Levick, Esq.

Richard S. Levick, Esq.

Chairman & CEO

Television news contributor on crisis and public affairs communications; columnist for multiple publications; book author; pioneer of litigation communications; globally recognized crisis communications keynote speaker; professor at the Fordham and Wake Forest Schools of Law.


Richard Levick, Esq. is Chairman & CEO of LEVICK, representing countries and companies in the highest-stakes global communications matters – the Venezuelan crisis; Qatar; Chinese tech companies; the Gulf oil spill; Guantanamo Bay, the Catholic Church and many others.

He and his firm have represented more than 300 of the world’s largest law firms, hundreds of companies and over 30 countries, providing heads of state with intelligence, access and insight into Washington. Mr. Levick and his team provide the communications “air cover” for CEOs, boards, lawyers and lobbyists to maximize efficiency, solve conflicts and re-emerge stronger and better positioned.

Mr. Levick has been honored multiple times on the prestigious list of “The 100 Most Influential People in the Boardroom” and has been named to multiple professional Halls of Fame for lifetime achievement.

He is the co-author of four books including two on litigation and crisis communications and is a regular commentator on television and in print. Mr. Levick provides keynote speeches all over the world and has lectured at Harvard, Stanford, West Point, the U.S. Army War College and Georgetown Law, among many others. He is the former Director of the American University School of Public Affairs Leadership Program and teaches at Fordham Law School.

Richard hosts multiple podcasts, including programs for the Corporate Counsel Business JournalIn House Community for Asia-MENA counsel; Foreign Lobby Report; with the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Excellence in Corporate Boards; Clark Atlanta University (an HBCU); and From Garage to Global for emerging tech companies. He sits on the board of TRACKtech, an emerging company; Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute; The Snider Center at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland; the University of Georgia Crisis Communication Coalition and is an Executive Affiliate of the Wake Forest Center for the Study of Capitalism.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies – University of Maryland
  • Master’s of Science in Environmental Advocacy (Communications) – University of Michigan
  • Juris Doctor – American University’s Washington College of Law
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