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Corporate & Reputation

In this article posted on, I examine the threat now facing United Continental that goes beyond Jeff Smisek’s unsavory deal with David Samson. It may affect consumer confidence in the airline itself. Now, the burden falls on the new CEO Oscar Munoz to make it right. 

In this article published on, I examine Jeff Bezos' response to the New York Times' expose on Amazon's brutal work environment. 

It’s being reported today that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has reached a deal with Uber and will abandon attempts to cap its growth in the world’s top ride-sharing market.

Did GQ and Amy Schumer harm the Star Wars and Disney brands with a parody on the August cover that has Schumer in some compromising positions with iconic Star Wars characters?

This past Friday marked the opening of one of the summer’s most anticipated movies for kids (and some adults as well). Universal Studios launched “Minions” about the quirky and wildly popular little yellow characters from the hugely successful “Despicable Me” movies.

In this article published on, we examine how the race to out-green competitors is driving unprecedented growth in the hotel industry. Richard Branson’s latest project, which will transform Manhattan’s urban landscape, is only the most conspicuous recent example.

This week, Richard Levick participated in a round table discussion on the Sony hack and the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba on WJLA’s “Washington Business Report.”

In this article published today on, we examine the announcement of Dov Charney’s firing. The overarching story was as much about American Apparel’s future as it was about the downfall of a once great entrepreneur.

In this LEVICK Daily video interview, Bryan Litt discusses the myriad ways in which video breathes life into corporate messaging and takes it a level far beyond traditional content marketing.

Last month, speculation swirled around accusations of insider trading leveled against three prominent people – famed golfer Phil Mickelson, billionaire investor Carl Icahn, and Las Vegas businessman and gambler, William T. Walters.