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Richard Levick

November 26, 2019

What’s Working in Washington

This past week, I was joined on What’s Working in Washington (WWiW), the nationally syndicated radio program hosted by former Big Law managing partner, serial entrepreneur and the new Interim Dean of Academic Affairs at Marymount College, Jonathan Aberman. We were joined by longtime conservative activist, Senior Advisor to the Trump campaign, and co-founder of Avenue Strategies, Barry Bennett, along with prominent Democratic strategist and top lobbyist, Manny Ortiz. We covered the business issues that are being missed in the fog of the new Washington, where everything, including military justice, has been politicized.

While there was some disagreement, the conversation, which didn’t get much further than taxes, but which was constructive and found common ground, reminded me of the old story about Senator Bob Dole and President Clinton during the failed “Hillary Care” attempt to remake the nation’s health care. “If it were up to you and me, Mr. President, I think we could work this out in about 30 minutes,” Senator Dole is reported to have said.

In the town of optics, substance almost always takes a back seat.

Enjoy the listen.

Richard Levick

Listen: What’s Working in Washington

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