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Randy Samborn
Senior Vice President

Randall Samborn, a lawyer and a former award-winning legal affairs reporter, has more than three decades of unparalleled, specialized experience in the rarified space where the practice of law intersects with media. He served for two decades as the spokesman for one of the highest-profile United States Attorney’s Offices in the country. Now, he provides litigation and crisis communications counseling to a variety of clients facing momentous challenges inside and outside of court.   


At LEVICK, Mr. Samborn has worked with clients engaged in energy, financial services, hospitality, travel, business technology, higher education, and law, often involving critical civil litigation or criminal investigations and prosecutions.

As an Assistant United States Attorney and the Public Information Officer for the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mr. Samborn’s media relations and litigation communications skills were widely praised by lawyers, judges, and journalists in legions of cases that attracted intense local, national, and international headlines. Mr. Samborn routinely played a role in hundreds of trials during 20 years in the Federal prosecutor’s office in Chicago, including those of two successive Illinois governors, and cases involving corporate, financial, and health care fraud, civil rights, cybercrime, drug cartels, national security, violent crime, and terrorism.  

He has been an adviser, media trainer and confidant to lawyers, law enforcement officials, investigators and legal analysts, both behind closed doors and in the public sphere. He has found himself many times over in the arena of litigation in extremely significant trials and prosecutions, and provided insightful, easily understood interpretations of the most complex legal proceedings through print and broadcast media for public consumption. An expert media strategist, Mr. Samborn forged relations between prosecutors and the journalists who cover them, and is a well-recognized and trusted figure among editors, reporters, bloggers, and online media channels that cover the federal court system.  His concise, detailed and highly effective media strategies were studied and emulated throughout his career with the federal government.

In addition to his regular duties in Chicago, Mr. Samborn also served as the sole Justice Department spokesman during the high-profile Special Counsel investigation of the unauthorized disclosure of the identity of a covert CIA intelligence agent.  He single-handedly conducted the entire media operation for the resulting trial of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, a senior White House official who was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in what was then the most scrutinized trial in Washington.  He also took on the national media management role for a subsequent high-profile investigation of a former CIA employee convicted of leaking vital, classified information.

Prior to his federal government service, Mr. Samborn was the Chicago Bureau Chief for The National Law Journal, where he wrote extensively about law firms, legal organizations and a variety of criminal and civil issues.  He also covered crime, courts, and legal affairs for The Blade newspaper in Toledo, Ohio.  As a courtroom litigator, Mr. Samborn tried and won a federal bank robbery case and he handled 10 jury trials as a state court prosecutor in Lucas County, Ohio.

Bachelor of Arts in History
Washington University in St. Louis
Juris Doctor
University of Toledo College of Law

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