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For over twenty years, Ramsey Poston has been guiding his clients to successful resolution of high-stakes public relations issues. Mr. Poston develops comprehensive strategies to ensure that his client’s image remains intact and that his client’s position gets a full and public hearing.

Mr. Poston founded the government relations firm Flint, Poston & Associates, focusing on representing clients in legislative and government relations matters in state legislatures nationwide. He has advised and worked on the campaigns of several mayoral, congressional, and presidential candidates. In 1987 he served as Deputy National Field Director for House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt’s presidential campaign. He has also specialized in referendum campaigns, primarily for the casino gaming industry.


In 2004, Mr. Poston took over NASCAR’s Communications Department, leading a team of 30 public relations professionals covering all aspects of the sport’s communications – credited as one of the best PR teams in sports. Mr. Poston applied innovation and foresight by developing strategies for social media; revolutionary statistical applications; enhanced photography resources; and in the creation of the NASCAR Citizen Media Corps.

He also successfully led the litigation communications efforts in a number of high-profile cases. As on-record spokesperson for NASCAR, he conducted close to 1,500 interviews. Mr. Poston developed close working relationships with some of America’s top law firms to communicate NASCAR’s defense in concert with its legal strategies.

Mr. Poston is also a sought-after communications advisor for labor and employment matters, counseling companies in a number of employee-management scenarios including litigation, contract negotiations, unionization campaigns, and corporate campaigns. Mr. Poston worked with chief executives and their legal counselors to prepare for and respond to citations and fines proposed by government regulators including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB).

Bachelor’s in Political Studies
Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island
Studies in Language and Asian Political Systems
Sophia University, Tokyo

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1900 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036


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