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Ian McCaleb, Senior Vice President
Practice Chair - Litigation
“Men are disturbed not by events, but by their opinions about events.”
— Epictetus

LEVICK Litigation Practice Chair, Ian Christopher McCaleb provides our clients with the insight, breadth of knowledge and expertise accumulated from two decades of work as a national and international reporter specializing in legal affairs, law enforcement, politics, legislation, terrorism and conflict, and the U.S. defense and intelligence establishment. Mr. McCaleb has worked for top-tier news outlets in the United States and abroad, including CNN, the Fox News Channel, United Press International, McClatchy Newspapers and Congressional Quarterly. He is a successful entrepreneur who formed and operated his own consultancy prior to joining LEVICK, and he has also worked in U.S. government service, as the senior spokesman for the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice, as a senior counsel to the division’s Assistant Attorney General, and as a national intelligence specialist.

Mr. McCaleb has provided media advisory and analysis services to a range of private sector clients, including a world-renowned international investor and philanthropist, a Japanese heavy industries concern, a high-profile space payload and launch corporation, an internationally known corporate data breach target, and some of the world’s largest and most visible law firms and management consultancies. He specializes in reputation management, risk mitigation, crisis communications, wide-ranging investigations, political intelligence services and other, related disciplines and capabilities.


Mr. McCaleb honed his reputation as a predictive media analysis subject matter expert, in part, as the sole media consultant to the Information Review Task Force (IRTF) – the multi-agency, U.S. Defense Department-administered body assembled in July 2010 to assess damage to U.S. military and federal agencies after the massive leak of classified government data to Through the entirety of this two-year endeavor, he crafted dependably accurate predictive outlooks on how some of the leaks would be presented by major media outlets the world over – most often well before the media outlets reported the same stories on their own. This capability was expanded further under his own consultancy, when similar work was performed to benefit a high-net wealth individual known primarily in the West for this philanthropic efforts, and his well-publicized investments in U.S. and European media, tech and financial giants.

Mr. McCaleb ‘s issues portfolio during his time as senior spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division included financial and mortgage fraud, computer crime, health care and Medicare fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, child exploitation, human rights investigations, extraditions, and anti-gang and anti-cartel operations. In this capacity, he served as senior counsel to the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the division.

Mr. McCaleb also spent seven years in senior editorial capacities at the Fox News Channel, concluding his tenure there in 2008 as the senior producer covering the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. intelligence community. In this capacity, McCaleb earned a hard-fought reputation as a formidable competitor and breaking news reporter, often besting the competition, sometimes by hours, in reporting unfolding developments of several major news stories. While at Fox, he also served a two-year assignment at the New York headquarters, where he produced exclusive segments, packages, and live hits for The Fox Report with Shepard Smith, which was then cable news’ highest-rated, prime time news program.

Mr. McCaleb joined Fox after three years as the chief political correspondent for, where he covered the 2000 presidential election starting with the GOP debates at the end of 1999 through the Florida recount drama in 2000.'s award-winning coverage of the 2000 election - and Mr. McCaleb's bylined reporting - broke new ground in electronic journalism, and was recognized in trade journals and college text books alike.


Bachelor of Arts in English
George Mason University

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