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Six@Six: Creatively Marketing Your Content

Katie Bertram

Content has always been king, but the recent Penguin algorithm update further reinforces this notion. Keyword and link frequency are no longer the dominant factors in securing a high search rank. Instead, it largely depends on the website’s content and user experience. Content should be unique, entertaining, and cater to the needs and desires of the target audience – so that it urges visitors to share information with others and also return to the website on a regular basis. Much of what determines a website’s rank in the search results is what happens off of the site. Readers will likely share links to online material that they find worthy, essentially rewarding websites for creating compelling content. Shared links let the search engine know that users are finding value in the specific site. This established credibility and popularity will allow the site to secure a top spot in the search results for relevant queries. So, how can your organization’s online content catch people’s attention and gain additional exposure?  This week’s Six@Six offers tips for adding creativity to your current content marketing campaign. Do you have additional tips? Share them with me @katiebertram. 1. Create attention-grabbing headlines. An engaging headline should magnetically draw people in and clearly communicate what they can expect. It is essential that the headline not be misleading, as that will cause confusion and hinder the user’s experience. When writing a headline, keep in mind that it has the opportunity to be reposted across multiple social media sites. Keep headlines concise and include the most important keywords at the beginning. Think about how Web users will feel when they view this headline on Twitter or posted on Facebook. Will it catch their attention and generate interest? Keep it to the point, but also have some fun with it. 2. Don’t just say it. Show it. Vary website content by including more than just text. People generally only skim Web content, so incorporating interesting visuals on your site will allow visitors to develop a better understanding of the information provided. Images help set the tone of the content and make the site more entertaining. Video footage is also an effective way to tell a story. Interviews, testimonials, and coverage of events are great for recording and posting. Be creative and think outside of the box. This will bring your messaging to life and help prevent content from becoming static. Videos can be easily shared and go viral quickly, increasing their overall exposure. 3. Ask the experts. Interviewing industry experts is a great way to generate content for your website. There are many ways that this can be done to vary the structure of each interview.  Record the interview as a podcast and host it on your website. Capture video footage of an interview over Skype or in-person at a conference. Ask experts questions via social media and populate the tweets, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn discussions on your site. In addition to these methods, include text transcripts so that users have options as how they would like to receive this content. 4. Take blogging to another level. Most websites already take full advantage of blogging to keep their sites regularly updated. The content itself is probably already very informative, but without a fresh appeal, these updates may start to become rather redundant and stale. To attract a wider audience and stand out from competitors, it is beneficial to take a more creative approach. Live blogging at an event can help populate timely and intriguing content. This will also display that your organization is active within its industry. Another way to spice up your blogging strategy is to write guest posts for other established sites. This allows your organization to display knowledge on specific subject matter, with an audience you might not have otherwise reached. 5. Have fun on social media sites. The most important aspect of establishing your organization on social media is to grow relationship with individuals. Network and prove that your organization cares about providing value in these online communities. Messages will differ according to each platform, but it is essential to consistently engage with others and drive discussions. Give your organization a personality. This will help grow your organization’s following, which will ultimately increase your organization’s social influence. Creating an established network will allow more people to view your content, therefore increasing the number of people who have the opportunity to share it. 6. Measure your success. As with any online initiative, the only way to determine the effectiveness of each specific tactic is to analyze data. How many times was your content shared on social media sites? Where was the majority of your website traffic coming from? How much time did people spend on your website? Answering questions similar to these will help you determine what mediums are the most successful in promoting your content, and how interested and engaged visitors are when they arrive to your website. Because this is an ongoing and fluid strategy, these outcomes can then be incorporated into the development and promotion of new content. This will ensure that you are constantly able to meet the needs of your desired audience.

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