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Images Matter Most to Vick


Amid rampant speculation regarding his NFL future, Michael Vick is trying to rebuild a stained reputation and return to the public’s good graces. Just two days after his release from jail, he’s now working a blue-collar construction job and taken a step toward creating the image of the humble team player many Americans want the former NFL star to be.

Even though every news outlet is clamoring to be the first to interview the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, it might be wise for Vick to hold off on the morning talk-show circuit. In situations like these, actions speak louder than words. And the images of Vick hard at work in a down economy will do more to burnish his public persona than any interview possibly could.

As I wrote on The Washington Post's "The League" blog this morning, Vick needs to tread carefully. The foundations he builds today will serve as the cornerstone of any potential comeback – and those foundations will be strongest if he lets the pictures do the talking for the time being.

UPDATE 6/3/09: For more recent commentary on the task ahead for Michael Vick, click here.

Gene Grabowski is Senior Vice President of Crisis and Litigation at Levick Strategic Communications and a contributing author to Bulletproof Blog.

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Gene Grabowski, Senior Strategist
Senior Strategist

Gene Grabowski is a leading authority on crisis and litigation communications and issues management. He is a distinguished counselor and former journalist with a reputation for creating and...